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With Bugs.ly bug reporting feature, gain valuable insights into your reported bugs and quickly see what progress has been made. Understand how the best bug tracking software can boost your GTM strategy with zero to no bugs in the production release.

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Get project bugs status

Get project bugs status

Generate real-time reports in one click. You can organize them by Priority or Status to see what’s the most pressing concerns in this solution release. Get basic reports on project bugs based on parameters like Status or Priority to monitor your reports quickly and get an inert understanding of the status of any development cycle. You can know the status of the project easily this way, to help move them forward to product release.

Status based reports

With Status Report Chart, you can now filter out your bug reports based on the current status of the bug-like Open, InProgress, Testing, Resolved, Closed and Reopened. Analyze the data to delegate bugs accordingly. Create realistic expectations based on fact-based bug reports to formulate a successful bug-free deployment.

Status based reports

Priority-based reports

With Priority Report Chart, you can now filter out your bug reports based on priority levels of the bug-like High, Medium and Low and make monitoring much simpler for your decision-makers. Bring both the reporting and resolving teams on one page to stop the too and forth of emails & communications.

Priority-based reports

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Visual Reporting

Visual Reporting

Get a basic representation of your project’s bugs with visually stimulating Pie charts, which gives a view of your data and the health of your projects in real-time. Take a glance to check out issues if any. Plan your go live based on factual data rather than unreliable promises.

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Its a really useful platform and our social media activity has been much better in terms of both organization and analytics.
Steven Ortega

Marketing Manager


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