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With you can record bugs quickly with details like priority, status, created on, due date and marking dependencies - all from one screen.

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Quick bug reporting

Quick bug reporting

You can now quickly log all the details of a bug including the priority, status and marking dependencies. For a more complete description, files could also be shared. One can add comments around a specific bug file to assist the developer reach resolution quickly. Also, history thread for each and every bug edit could be added which will help the developer understand the various techniques which were already used to find an issue resolution.

Import and Export to Excel

When teams need to communicate and collaborate in real-time to make changes in the excel sheet, you can easily import all the data from the Project present in in Excel format and upload the same or share it across with the concerned teams. Choose the fields of the data from Excel you wish to map with the fields present in and your data would appear in that format. Not just that, but you can also export your data from to Excel with the Export Data functionality

Import and Export to Excel

Visually pleasing Kanban View

Let your team members easily know what needs to be done with drag & drop functionality or mark dependencies easily with visually pleasing kanban view to get the high-level view of your project updates. View your bugs as cards placed in different columns with the columns representing a bug status. Drag-and-drop your bugs for a visual representation of your workflow.

Visually pleasing Kanban View

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Milestones help you resolve bugs sooner while also assisting in creating the release notes to justify your change in versions or updates or upgrades. Instead of solving them one by one in a long list, group all the bugs into one project and assign a milestone for each project. In this way, you could easily track the progress of a project or milestones to be able to predict a particular product release.

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